Live Current Uses Artificial Intelligence to Keep Hockey Season Alive During Lockdown

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, March 26, 2020, Live Current Media, Inc. (“Live Current” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: LIVC) announces that it, in what may be a world first, is keeping the hockey season alive on its SPRT MTRX fantasy sports gaming app (App Store and Play Store: SPRT MTRX ) through artificial intelligence induced simulation of the remainder of the season’s hockey games.

Let’s face it, the professional sporting world is shut down for the foreseeable future and the fantasy sports world is going through major withdrawal in lockdown, just when we all need some entertainment distraction the most. But Live Current Media has the solution. Its developers have been working feverishly to bring the hockey season back from the dead. With the help of artificial intelligence, players can now play the SPRT MTRX and follow along as simulated hockey games continue the professional hockey season.

SPRT MTRX is fun, free to play and offers cash prizes in a unique game that lets you bid on the scores of a series of hockey games and the player whose bids win the greatest number of hockey games, wins the SPRT MTRX game. Its current, artificial intelligence induced version will blow your mind. It seems so real that you’ll find yourself reaching for the remote to follow the game on television. But it’s not on TV. Its only available on the SPRT MTRX.

About Live Current Media Inc.

Live Current (LIVC) is a technology company involved in the entertainment industry. Currently developing two projects, SPRT MTRX (App Store and Play Store: SPRT MTRX) and FEDERATION (2021 release), LIVC is positioned to take advantage of the exciting and rapidly growing fantasy sports, eSports and Gaming sectors.

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