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Live Current Media Inc. is a digital technology company involved in the entertainment industry. Currently developing two projects, SPRT MTRX (App Store and Play Store: SPRT MTRX) and Boxing.com FEDERATION (2021 release), LIVC is positioned to take advantage of the exciting and rapidly growing fantasy sports, eSports and Gaming sectors


70% of Americans play video games. 54% of those gamers are male and 46% are female. 52% of gamers in America are college educated. Gaming is no longer a niche market. It has entered the mainstream.

Sales of game consoles continue to rise at approximately 15% per year. Gaming advertising revenue has doubled in two years. Prize money for video game tournaments, which cracked the $1 million mark in 2003, continues to rise and is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022.

The most common platform for playing games is the smartphone. There is no doubt as to why gaming is taking off.


People play video games for four reasons; mental stimulation, stress relief, relaxation and of course, to win money. Prize money is becoming one of the chief motivators for gamers and now that advertising has moved wholeheartedly to the internet, it is extremely easy for games to generate advertising revenue from users, which they can in turn use to offer prizes. Gamers can also generate income from streaming live games online and uploading taped games to video platforms such as YouTube.


Thirty years ago, the only revenue to be had from the video game industry was generated through sales of games and game consoles. With the advent of the internet, the revenue model grew to include advertising revenue generated from free games, and evolved further to include in-game purchases to enhance the gaming experience. The most recent development involves spectators watching live gaming events.

In 2019, a half a billion people will watch other people play games online. By 2020 only the NFL will have more viewers in America than eSports.


\ spȯrt \ /ˈmātriks/
“A rectangular array of quantities in rows and columns that is treated as a single entity and manipulated according to particular rules."

SPRT MTRX is a gaming app where players bid on the final scores of professional sports such as NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA.

The events are organized as “Challenges” and cover multiple games over one night, weekend or full seasons. Cash prizes are awarded to the player who receives the most points for winning games. The system for bidding on the final scores is unique.

In app advertising, in the form of short 3 to 5 second videos viewed before bidding results are presented, provides the revenue for the user payouts.

Multiple Leaderboards let users keep track of their progress over the “Challenges”. The Leaderboards are split between all players and favorite players, to create a social aspect to the game.


The sport of boxing has been tarnished over the years due to fragmentation. There is no league. There is no schedule. Promoters protect their boxers to the point of not allowing them to fight the best but rather encouraging them to avoid big fights and fight winnable fights. Fans can’t keep track of the alphabet soup of governing organizations trying to take their piece of the action. The end result is that there are still many fans passionate about the sport but most fans hate the business of boxing. In spite of this, in late 2018, world champion Saul Alvarez signed the largest single sports contract of all time - $365 million for 11 fights.


Boxing.com FEDERATION is being developed to mimic what the sport of boxing should be. But the fights will be fought by gamers on their computers.


FEDERATION will consist of an amateur league where fighters hone their skills and can win amateur belts with small cash prizes and a professional league. The top amateurs will automatically join the professional league where fighters can win title belts in nine different weight classes and cash prizes for getting in to the top 10 fighters per weight class. There will also be title belts for champions in each country in the world just as there is in real boxing. These champions will also receive cash prizes for winning their belts.


The ranking system will be organized by a digital algorithm designed by Live Current’s engineers. Fighters can challenge other fighters in the FEDERATION by choosing those within 100 of there own placing in the rankings. Only fighters who are online can be challenged and they must accept the challenge or drop in the rankings to the spot of the challenger. If they accept the challenge and lose, they only drop one place but get an L on their record. Rankings will be automatically adjusted monthly to promote activity and discourage inactivity.

FEDERATION is targeted for launch Fall 2020.

Our Management

David Jeffs – CEO, Director

Built technology pub-co from $1M market cap to $40M market cap.

Company recognized by Business in Vancouver magazine as one of the top 20 fastest growing companies in British Columbia three years in a row.

Company recognized by Profit500 magazine as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Canada two years in a row.

Dymytro Dvynyaninov – Technical Architect

Co-founded Opencal.com, an on-line appointment scheduling & booking software. In September 2011, Opencal.com was acquired by Groupon.

Founded Monetsu, a next-generation interface for Bitcoin and was accepted into the 500 Startups accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Respected technology leader with proven adaptability and innovation in project leadership, execution intelligence, and architectural design.

John da Costa – Director

Mr. da Costa has more than twenty-five years of experience providing bookkeeping and accounting services to both private and public companies and is the founder and President of Da Costa Management Corp., a company that has provided management and accounting services to public and private companies since August 2003.

Amir Vahabzadeh – Director

Mr. Vahabzadeh has been involved in the internet industry as a private online business owner and consultant for over 20 years. Mr. Vahabzadeh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and has been a shareholder of the Company since 2000.


Live Current Signs Marketing Agreement with Think Ink Marketing

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, January 8, 2021, Live Current Media, Inc. (“Live Current” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: LIVC) announces that it has signed an agreement with Think Ink Marketing Data & Email Services, Inc. ("Think Ink") to provide public relations services in an effort to increase public awareness of the Company and its products and securities.. Read More

Live Current Adds NFL to the SPRT MTRX Fantasy Sports Gaming App with $500 Weekly Prize

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, October 22, 2020, Live Current Media, Inc. (“Live Current”) (OTCQB: LIVC) announces that it has added NFL football to the slate of sports available to play on its SPRT MTRX fantasy sports gaming app (App Store and Play Store: SPRT MTRX). Read More

Live Current Uses Artificial Intelligence to Keep Hockey Season Alive During Lockdown

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, March 26, 2020, Live Current Media, Inc. (“Live Current” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: LIVC) announces that it, in what may be a world first, is keeping the hockey season alive on its SPRT MTRX fantasy sports gaming app (App Store and Play Store: SPRT MTRX ) through artificial intelligence induced simulation of the remainder of the season’s hockey games. Read More

Live Current Sells eBalance Distribution Rights to Focus Exclusively on eSports and Gaming

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, January 29, 2020, Live Current Media, Inc. (“Live Current” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: LIVC) announces that it has entered into an agreement to sell the exclusive distribution rights to the eBalance microcurrent device to Cell MedX Corp. The Company purchased the rights in March of 2019. Read More

Live Current Invites Sports Enthusiasts to "Bid on the Grid" with Introduction of SPRT MTRX

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, January 15, 2020, Live Current Media Inc. (“Live Current” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: LIVC) is pleased to announce that its gaming app, SPRT MTRX, has been approved for Beta testing by the App Store. Read More

Live Current Media Inc. Announces Entry Into eSports With Boxing.com FEDERATION

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, November 14, 2019, Live Current Media Inc. (“Live Current” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: LIVC) is pleased to announce that it is entering the eSports industry with the development of Boxing.com FEDERATION. Read More

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